Submission policy

Public involvement is an important part of the decision-making processes of the Queensland Competition Authority (QCA). And we will take account of all submissions received before the submission deadline. 

How to make a submission

We prefer to receive public submissions electronically via our online submission form.

Alternatively, hard copy submissions can be mailed to:

Queensland Competition Authority
GPO Box 2257
Brisbane  Q  4001

Tel  (07) 3222 0555
Fax  (07) 3222 0599

We will consider submissions received after the published deadline at our discretion.


In the interests of transparency and to promote informed discussion and consultation, the Queensland Competition Authority (QCA) intends to make all submissions publicly available. However, if a person making a submission believes that information in the submission is confidential, that person should claim confidentiality in respect of the document (or the relevant part of the document) at the time the submission is given to the QCA and state the basis for the confidentiality claim.

The assessment of confidentiality claims will be made by the QCA in accordance with the Queensland Competition Authority Act 1997, including an assessment of whether disclosure of the information would damage the person’s commercial activities and considerations of the public interest.

Claims for confidentiality should be clearly noted on the front page of the submission. The relevant sections of the submission should also be marked as confidential, so that the remainder of the document can be made publicly available. It would also be appreciated if two versions of the submission (i.e. a complete version and another excising confidential information) could be provided.

A confidentiality claim template is available on request. We encourage stakeholders to use this template when making confidentiality claims. The confidentiality claim template provides guidance on the type of information that would assist our assessment of claims for confidentiality.

Public access to submissions

Subject to any confidentiality constraints, submissions will be available for public inspection at the Brisbane office, or on our website. 

If you experience any difficulty gaining access to documents contact us on (07) 3222 0555.