Our role

There are two major network owners in Queensland who own and operate the below-rail (track) networks:

These two rail companies are obliged to allow third-party train operators to use their networks.

Accessing rail networks

Essential infrastructure that underpins economic activity should be accessible to all potential users.

We regulate third party access to support competition by enabling competitors (i.e. ‘third parties’) to access essential infrastructure that cannot be economically duplicated, including below-rail (track) infrastructure (such as that operated by Aurizon Network and Queensland Rail) and port infrastructure (such as that operated by Dalrymple Bay Infrastructure Management).

As an example, we ensure that the track infrastructure operated by Aurizon Network in the central Queensland coal region may be used by third-party above-rail (train) operators. This provides customers such as coal miners with options for haulaging their product.

By opening up access, competition is enhanced in related markets such as rail transport.