Guaranteed service level payments and reports

In effect

The Electricity Distribution Network Code (the code) requires Energex and Ergon Energy to make guaranteed service level (GSL) payments to small customers when the specified GSL levels are not met. Small customers are defined as customers who consume less than 100 megawatt hours annually.

GSL payments acknowledge the inconvenience a customer experiences when Energex or Ergon Energy do not meet a GSL.

The payments relate to, for instance, the duration and frequency of supply interruptions, wrongful disconnection, late connections and reconnections, and failure to give sufficient notice of planned interruptions. Payments for the interruption duration GSL typically make up a significant proportion of the distributors’ annual payments and are frequently caused by storm damage.

The code requires Energex and Ergon Energy to monitor, and report to the QCA on, their compliance with GSLs. We have published quarterly and annual reports on the distributors’ compliance with GSLs since 2007. However, since the September quarter of 2020, Energex and Ergon Energy have been required to publish quarterly reports on their websites — we continue to publish annual GSL reports on our website.

Energex and Ergon Energy have more information about GSL scheme arrangements in their distribution areas.