DBCT's 2017 access undertaking

In effect

DBCT Management’s 2017 access undertaking sets out the terms and conditions under which DBCT Management provides access to the terminal. It also outlines the process for an access seeker to negotiate access to the infrastructure and the way to resolve disputes in relation to access during the regulatory period.

DBCT Management’s 2017 access undertaking came into effect on 16 February 2017. The undertaking is subject to amendment through a draft amending access undertaking (DAAU) process under the QCA Act.

The most recent 2017 access undertaking is based on the approvals listed below.

Date approved Approved undertaking and DAAUs
16 February 2017 2015 DBCT DAU (amended), which became the 2017 AU
16 June 2017 Incremental Expansion DAAU
21 June 2018 2018 Modification DAAU
20 September 2018 Trading SCB DAAU


Since the 2017 access undertaking was approved, DBCT Management has proposed amendments through various DAAUs under the QCA Act.

The QCA can approve or refuse to approve a DAAU. Each DAAU that was approved has amended the 2017 access undertaking.

DAAU Status
Incremental Expansion Study DAAUs Approved on 16 June 2017
Modelling DAAU QCA ceased consideration on 15 December 2017
Modification DAAUs Approved on 21 June 2018
Outturn Inflation (letter) Proposal accepted
Remediation Allowance DAAU Withdrawn on 3 October 2018
Trading SCB DAAU Approved on 20 September 2018

We monitor DBCTM’s ongoing compliance with its 2017 access undertaking.

DBCTM is obliged by its undertaking to seek annual approval of certain matters from us (e.g. NECAP, RAB roll-forward).

We also assess ad hoc requests from DBCTM for approval of matters required by the undertaking, such as review events.

Compliance activity Status
RAB roll-forward





Approved on 16 June 2017

Approved on 21 June 2018

Approved on 20 June 2019

Non-expansion capital expenditure (NECAP)

NECAP 2017

NECAP 2018

NECAP 2019


Approved on 13 July 2017

Approved on 21 June 2018

Approved on 20 June 2019

Review events

April 2018

June 2018

August 2018

November 2018

November 2019

December 2020


Approved on 19 April 2018

Approved on 21 June 2018

Approved on 19 July 2018

Approved 26 November 2018

Approved 19 December 2019

Approved 17 December 2020


Standard underwriting agreement In effect
Proposed amendments to DBCT Terminal Regulations In effect
Application for pricing ruling – 8X expansion In progress