Ring-fencing DAAU October 2015

Past review

On 9 October 2015, we received a draft amending access undertaking (DAAU) from DBCT Management to amend its 2010 access undertaking.  The DAAU required us to consider the addition of ring-fencing clauses to the undertaking.

Under section 142 of the Queensland Competition Authority Act 1997 (QCA Act), we must consider a DAAU given to us and decide whether to approve, or refuse to approve, that DAAU.

We received submissions on the DAAU from the DBCT User Group, Aurizon Operations Limited and Vale Australia.

On 10 November 2015, DBCT Management withdrew its October 2015 ring-fencing DAAU, and resubmitted a second ring-fencing DAAU (the November 2015 DAAU).