DBCT post-85 mtpa

Past review
Final report

DBCT has expanded steadily over the years, with capacity increasing from 14.55 mtpa in 1983 to 85 mtpa in 2010.

While the 7x expansion works from 60 to 85 mtpa were being constructed, DBCT Management received access applications for additional terminal capacity—that is, beyond 85 mtpa and up to 153 mtpa.

A study began to investigate the possibility of such an expansion; however, this study was discontinued  when it appeared that  a new terminal at the nearby Dudgeon Point would attract greater user support. The cost of the study up to that point was $5.8 million.

In March 2013, DBCT Management requested approval for a $0.0065 per tonne increase in its reference tariff based on the $5.8 million expenditure .

In April 2013, after we reviewed the prudency and necessity of the expansion costs related to the expansion study, we approved DBCT Management’s application and adjusted DBCT’s revenues and tariffs accordingly.

On 28 March 2013, we published the DAAU and sought submissions from stakeholders by 18 April 2013. We advised that, in the absence of stakeholder submissions, it may proceed directly to a final decision. No submissions were received by the due date.

We accepted  DBCT Management’s proposed tariff increase as reasonable. On 24 April 2013, we made a final decision to approve DBCT Management’s DAAU.

Our decision is available below.

On 27 March 2013, DBCT Management submitted a draft amending access undertaking (DAAU) seeking approval for a $0.0065 per tonne increase in its reference tariff. This was based on $5.8 million expenditure on the post-85 million tonnes per annum expansion study.

In particular, DBCT Management sought approval to amend the regulated asset base, revenues and tariffs for these costs.