Reference tariff adjustments

In effect

Aurizon Network’s approved 2017 access undertaking provides for it to apply, at any time, to vary reference tariffs in response to an endorsed variation event or a review event.

Endorsed variation event—2020–21 AT5 reference tariff and QCA levy

On 17 July 2020, Aurizon Network applied to adjust reference tariffs for 2020–21 as a result of two endorsed variation events.  Aurizon Network sought a change to the AT5 tariff arising from a change in the pricing from a transmission entity, and a change to the QCA levy associated with a variation in the QCA fees.

We were satisfied in both cases that the requirements for an endorsed variation event were met and approved the applications.

Details are contained in the proposal and decision documents, which can be downloaded below.

Date Action
17 July 2020 Aurizon Network submitted its proposal to the QCA
20 August 2020 The QCA published its decision
1 September 2020 The revised reference tariffs take effect

Report and papers

Title Document
20 August 2020 Final report QCA – decision letter AT5 Reference Tariff and QCA Levy Endorsed Variation Events 2021-22 pdf, 200.36 Kb
Title Document
17 July 2020 Submission Aurizon Network – application AT5 Reference Tariff and QCA Levy Endorsed Variation Events 2020-21 pdf, 297.93 Kb