Electric traction DAAU 2019

In effect

Aurizon Network installed and maintains electric traction infrastructure on the Blackwater and Goonyella lines of its network, which users pay for through an electric access tariff (AT5). Aurizon Network submitted a draft amending access undertaking (DAAU) to amend the electric traction pricing arrangements in its 2017 access undertaking.

In this DAAU, Aurizon Network proposed to change the way the electric traction tariff is calculated. Additionally, it proposed amendments in order to manage the risk associated with maintaining the electric network infrastructure.

Similar DAAUs were submitted under the 2016 access undertaking.

We approved Aurizon Network’s 2019 electric traction DAAU on 18 July 2019.

Date Action
17 May 2019 Aurizon Network submitted the 2019 electric traction DAAU
20 May 2019 The QCA published the DAAU and invited stakeholder submissions
11 June 2019 The QCA published Aurizon Network’s submission on the electric traction DAAU
24 June 2019 The period for submissions closed—one submission was received by the due date and two submissions after the due date
18 July 2019 The QCA approved the DAAU

Report and papers

Title Document
18 July 2019 Final report QCA decision pdf, 3.17 Mb
Title Document
17 May 2019 Submission Aurizon Network – supporting submission pdf, 2.11 Mb
17 May 2019 Submission Aurizon Network – marked-up DAAU pdf, 2.27 Mb
Title Document
01 July 2019 Submission Peabody submission pdf, 294.57 Kb
26 June 2019 Submission BMA submission pdf, 430.01 Kb
24 June 2019 Submission Aurizon Coal submission pdf, 230.65 Kb
10 June 2019 Submission Aurizon Network submission pdf, 423.05 Kb
Title Document
20 May 2019 Notice QCA notice of investigation pdf, 256.58 Kb
20 May 2019 Notice QCA notice of time periods pdf, 562.27 Kb