Reducing Red Tape - QCA's Coal Seam Gas Review

“The QCA is working with stakeholders to find ways to streamline regulation and cut unnecessary costs for taxpayers and for the industry,” said QCA chairman Malcolm Roberts.
“Community confidence in regulation of the industry is, of course, essential. The proposed reforms will not affect environmental protection or the rights of landowners.
“The reforms proposed by the QCA would remove duplication between government agencies and replace prescriptive regulation with more flexible ‘outcomes-focused’ requirements.
“The QCA believes, for example, that the release of water from CSG operations should be regulated by one, not two, government departments,” said Malcolm Roberts.
“Greater use of standard and model conditions will give businesses more certainty and simplify compliance. Introducing standard conditions for exploration has already reduced regulatory costs and delays.
“Many of the reform proposals identified by stakeholders and the QCA are already being considered by the Queensland Government through other reviews or programs such as the Greentape Reduction Program.
“The QCA estimates that its reform proposals could eventually reduce government’s costs by $4 million a year, without jeopardising regulatory oversight,” said Malcolm Roberts.
The draft report is available for community consultation on our website
The QCA is seeking stakeholder submissions on the proposed regulatory reforms by 18 December 2013. 
With submissions assisting the QCA in the development of its final report, provided to the Queensland Government in January 2014.