Queensland Competition Authority CEO to Retire

The Chairman of the Queensland Competition Authority Dr Malcolm Roberts has announced the retirement of its Chief Executive Mr John Hall.

Mr Hall has been Chief Executive of the Authority since it was founded in 1997.

“The QCA Board acknowledges John’s outstanding service to the QCA over fifteen years. John’s career has been devoted to advancing economic regulation and reform in Queensland,” said Dr Roberts.

“As CEO, John has established the Authority as a leader in its field. His intellectual contribution across the diverse responsibilities of the Authority has positioned the QCA at the forefront of regulatory practice.
“The Board congratulates John on his achievements and wishes him a rewarding retirement,” Dr Roberts added.

Mr Hall joined the Authority from national law firm Allen Allen Hemsley, now Allens, where he managed the Queensland practice.

Prior to that, Mr Hall had a 20 year career in Queensland Treasury, culminating in him becoming Under Treasurer (Chief Executive).

Mr Hall led the growth of the Authority from an initial staff of four to more than 70 today, and its move from economic regulator to also include the Office of Best Practice Regulation.

Mr Hall said, “With the appointment of an Executive Chairman and the pending appointment of a more full-time board, it is the right time for me to retire. After 15 years at the Authority, it is time for new hands and new eyes to take up the challenge. Indeed, I have been here far longer than I originally intended.

“I have enjoyed immensely the opportunity I have had to develop the Authority into the highly professional body it is today.

“In leaving, I would like to thank all the staff of the QCA, past and present, who have helped me along the way, as well as the various board members I have been associated with. I would also acknowledge all the regulated entities and stakeholders who have contributed to the Authority’s work along the way.

“I hope to continue to be involved in public life, albeit on a less full time basis,” Mr Hall said.