QCA final decision on Aurizon Network's Standard User Funding Agreement

The Queensland Competition Authority (QCA) today released its final decision on Aurizon Network’s Standard User Funding Agreement (SUFA) draft amending access undertaking.

QCA Chair Professor Roy Green said the QCA’s final decision was to not approve the SUFA draft amending access undertaking and to indicate the way in which a revised draft amending access undertaking could be achieved.

“SUFA is intended to widen the pool of potential investors for significant expansions of the central Queensland coal network,” Professor Green said.

“Our final decision details the amendments required to enable Aurizon Network to submit a revised SUFA draft amending access undertaking that could be approved by the QCA.

“The QCA acknowledged the contributions made by all stakeholders to address the complex issues associated with the SUFA draft amending access undertaking.”

Aurizon Network’s 2010 access undertaking (2010 AU) governs third-party access to the declared rail transport infrastructure in the central Queensland coal network.  Aurizon Network’s SUFA draft amending access undertaking is being considered under the 2010 AU.

Under the QCA’s final decision on the 2014 DAU, Aurizon Network is required to submit a SUFA draft amending access undertaking within three months of approval of a new undertaking, drawing on the work done to date.

The QCA’s final decision and supporting documents are available at the QCA’s website.

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