Helping customers find the best electricity deal

The Queensland Competition Authority (QCA) encourages all electricity customers in south east Queensland to shop around for the best electricity deals. The QCA offers an easy to use online tool for customers to test their current plans and, possibly, find more competitive offers from other retailers.

“South east Queensland is a competitive retail market for electricity customers. Customers can choose between the notified prices set by the QCA and market contracts offered by nine competing retailers,” said QCA chairman Malcolm Roberts.

“About 70% of SEQ customers have already chosen market contracts which usually offer discounts to the notified price.

“However, comparing different market offers can be confusing for customers. With a wide range of discounts and conditions, it is not always easy to make ‘apples for apples’ comparisons.

“To solve this problem, the QCA offers an online price comparator which allows customers to test the whole market in seconds. And it’s free to use.

“The QCA’s price comparator compares every electricity and gas offers available to households in south east Queensland,” Malcolm Roberts said.

    • It is 100% free and completely impartial. We do not receive commission from anyone.
    • It is the most comprehensive and up-to-date comparator in Queensland. We compare every retailer and every offer generally available in south east Queensland. The energy retailers must inform us when they add, remove or amend any of their plans.
    • It takes seconds to compare. By adding your usage and billing period, you can be comparing your bill to every other plan within seconds.
    • Do you have solar PV panels? We compare every feed-in tariff offered by retailers.
    • Thinking of going green? We compare every green power plan generally available in south east Queensland.

Malcolm Roberts added, “We encourage customers in south east Queensland to use our price comparator to ensure they receive the best plan for their circumstances.”

Compare every retailer. Compare every offer.

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