Electricity Prices for 2016-17

Media release
December 11, 2015

The Queensland Competition Authority (QCA) has today released an interim consultation paper for public comment on regulated retail electricity prices in regional Queensland for 2016–17.

QCA Chair Professor Roy Green said the consultation paper provided an overview of potential approaches the authority could take when setting regulated retail electricity prices.

“The QCA is seeking community and stakeholder input about the approach it should take when setting regulated retail electricity prices for 2016–17,” he said.

“The interim consultation paper has been released after the QCA received a delegation from Minister for Energy and Water Supply Hon. Mark Bailey to set regulated retail electricity prices for 2016–17.

“The consultation paper is the first stage of the QCA’s public consultation on its 2016–17 pricing decision.

“We encourage interested members of the community as well as business and industry to make a submission.”

Professor Green said further public consultation would be undertaken on the QCA’s draft determination in March and April with the QCA’s final determination to be made by 31 May, 2016.

Submissions on this first round of consultation are due by 18 January, 2016.

“The new prices will then come into effect on 1 July, 2016,” he said.

“The delegation only applies to setting prices in regional Queensland and not in South East Queensland.”

Submissions can be made at the QCA’s Submissions page.